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Reviews from our former Meetup group

Here are some reviews from our recently departed Meetup group, which opened about a month after we did: August 2008.

 I recently overheard one of our visitors describing Studio 99 as "a community center for musicians and music lovers." Works for me! Hone your performance skills at our Open Mics; work on your reading, improv and ensemble skills at the Jams and Uke Club; enjoy the hand-picked performers at our weekend headlining concerts; try your singing skills with live piano accompaniment at Piano Karaoke; and broaden your circle of friends who share an interest in music and the arts. 

      — Elise on Aug 25, 2012.

 A wonderful musical education and performance venue. Kudos to Elise for crafting the mission and implementation of the organization. 

     — John Irza on Jan 3, 2013.

 If you like to play acoustic music of all types, in a building with GREAT acoustics, then come! Elise has yummy snacks and cold or hot drinks available, and we always have a very congenial group. Elise and the jam leaders are warm and friendly, welcoming all to come play or just relax and enjoy music. It's a fun place to go, play music, meet people and share ideas. 

     — Amy Conley on Aug 9, 2012.

 Very good...unique opportunity for musicians to play together 

     — Alex on Apr 5, 2012.

 Enjoying meeting the people here. 

     — Clem on Mar 23, 2012.

 Excellent! The RSVP feature is great for planning.... 

     — Scott S. Cavanagh on Mar 20, 2012.

 Top notch! 

     — Mike Loce on Jan 3, 2012.

 Best venue for listening to local and headline talent! 

     — BOB POPE on Nov 13, 2010.

 Studio 99 is quite simply the best small musical venue in the area - run by warm, friendly people with a real love for the arts, and a wonderful crowd of players and listeners. Inexpensive concerts, jams of various types, lessons - if I had more time I'd be there all the time! I can't think of anything more wonderful than playing and listening to music with friends - and Studio 99 is the place! 

     — Gary St. Laurent on Aug 29, 2010.

 Very welcoming atmosphere for newbies and experienced players! 

     — Marje on Aug 6, 2010.

 Studio 99 is an excellent concept and a very special environment which attracts great people. And now, it is in a convenient downtown Nashua setting which is becoming more intimate and inviting every day. Whatever your level of expertise; musical hobbyist, professional, or enthusiast, come down to play, listen, experiment, and learn. And you never know who might pop in ! 

     — Chris Andreola on Jul 29, 2010.

 it's a gift 

     — dixie on Jul 22, 2010.

 Studio 99 is where the music lover goes to. . . it's a place where one can be happy listening to music be it live or on CD. . . and honestly, isn't that what it's all about? I wanted a place where I can share my love of music with others, where I can explore and write down the names of bands I never heard of or songs that gently linger in my head. Studio 99 is a unique and wonderful musical experience created by a music lover for music lovers. 

     — Marcus Scott on Jul 7, 2010.

 You'll find diverse and surprisingly good music. 

     — Phil Levesque on May 15, 2010.

 Others should join because it's a lot of fun, and cool to be a part of something cool. 

     — Joe on Apr 24, 2010.

 Good players and good attitudes :) 

     — Rich Laplante on Apr 8, 2010.

 Well, if you play folksy music or enjoy singing it, I'd assume you'd be welcome. It's pretty entertaining to be a spectator as well. Casual, comfortable, real people playing great acoustic music. You can sit there on your computer (or whatever you do quietly) and work while listing to live music that's not pretentious or too loud. The suggested donation for entry and beverages (quite reasonable) is shoved into hats rather than collected, which is nice. Guitars, banjo, fiddle (played by a guy with an awesome 50's haircut), stand up bass and a slide guitar. How could you go wrong? 

     — edward on Feb 17, 2010.

 Great music, great environment. 

     — Jerry Martinez on Oct 21, 2009.

 Network, learn, have fun 

     — Garrett Partridge on Jun 25, 2009.

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